I'm Hibernating til Spring...

Do you feel like that too?  I just want to hole up until Spring arrives again!!  So since I haven't been able to pull myself together to write up all the projects I've done, please enjoy this photo post of my Sunday afternoon.

My Mountain Ash has been full of robins this fall.  It's a small tree but there are at least 10 - 20 birds sitting in it whenever I go outside!

Open House Sundays #2 - My Creative Days

It's time for another Open House Sunday!  This week we're visiting with Lindsay at My Creative Days.  Welcome Lindsay!

Open House Sundays Premiere - Tour a Different House Each Week!

Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Each week I will be sharing a different home tour, I don't know about you but I love open houses!!

This week's tour is a fall tour from Jeanie at Create & Babble - enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TGIF - well close enough! It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I'm looking forward to my turkey dinner with all the fixin's.

We've been having the most glorious fall weather ever here, warm days and warm nights (well warmish nights... ).  The fall colours have been more intense than usual and I spent some time taking photos of all the glorious colour.

Around the World Blog Hop

When my UK friend Sarah from Down by the Sea  asked if I would like to join in on the Around the World blog tour, I knew it would be tough to find bloggers who hadn't already participated in this year's blog hop.  I was right... sorry folks but this blog hop dies with me. LOL   So instead of the tag team blog hop that's been going on and in honour of this being an international blog tour, I'm going to share some of my go-to blogs from different countries.

But first, a little bit about me.

Why do I write about what I do?

How I Found My Style

I'm featured on How I found My Style Sundays at From My Front Porch to Yours. Pop over and find out how I found my style!

Happy Sunday!

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Eco-Friendly Rug Pad Options

I love my rugs, they cozy up a room and give it some extra depth and colour.  They keep my feet warm in winter, too.  I like that I can pick them up and clean underneath.  Sand and dirt always fall through carpet fibers and collect underneath.  I had such a rude awakening when I pulled up the wall-to-wall carpeting in one of the houses I lived in - there was so much sand underneath it was almost like a beach!!

With area rugs, you really need a carpet pad to keep the rug looking nice, to prevent the rug from slipping around and to avoid having the rug scratching and rubbing against the floor underneath it.  Rug pads also help to keep thin rugs from bunching up and getting wrinkled.

What I don't love is cheap rug pads that stick to my hardwood floors and leave an icky film on them.

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