Kitchen Overhaul Part III - Still Plugging Away...

My kitchen remodel project took on a new life when I installed the butcher block countertops. Love is too weak a word for how I feel about them!

When I left you in Part 2, I had just ripped a hole in the wall to create a passthrough that would allow more daylight into the room from the adjoining laundry.  It's been so nice to use the kitchen without turning the lights on all the time.  The project got bumped up a month when a friend offered to pick up the butcher block from Ikea for me (a 10 hour round trip).  I left the counters in the spare room for a few weeks to acclimate to the house and then got to work cutting them down to size for the new layout.  In the meantime, I continued to work on removing the old countertops.  Max decided to get into the act by chewing through the exposed dishwasher hoses.  GAAHHH!  Bloody cat!

How to Dress Up a Stock Kitchen Cabinet

Back to my ongoing kitchen remodel project! I needed a couple of extra kitchen cabinets and the stock cabinets in my kitchen are now discontinued, so I picked out a white stock cabinet from Home Depot to complete the run of cabinets on the pass-through wall.

Since I can't match the doors, I decided to keep this cabinet open, but after all the uppers were installed on that wall, I wasn't happy with the crappy looking white cabinet - LOL.  Bear in mind that I haven't yet finished painting all my cabinets, so the wood ones will be white when this odyssey is over...

Kitchen Overhaul Part II - Part-way done!

I've been working off & on for the last 4 weeks on my kitchen remodel project.  It's been an eye-opening experience...

I don't know if anyone really likes these progress posts, but here goes!

Here's the kitchen "before" shot:

and this is the inspiration shot:

Move or Stay and Remodel?

Are you contemplating a move? Or are you wondering if it's worth it to stay where you are and remodel? Sometimes these decisions can be so difficult to make!

Moving can be such a pain in the butt.  On the other hand, the excitement of moving into a new home can more than make up for the short-term pain.  Remodeling can be costly whether or not you're handy enough to do-it-yourself.  Here are some tips to help you decide:

1 - Neighbourhood / Proximity to Work/Schools

Are you happy with the location of  your current home?  Do you have a quick commute to work/schools?  Do you have kids?  and do your kids love their school?    Commuting costs are rising and the longer your commute, the more wear & tear on your vehicles.  As the cost of gas rises, these issues can take a bigger bite out of your budget than you realize.  The shorter your commute, the better!  Keep this in mind when making your decision.

How My Garden Grows & a New Fence!

How can it be possible for a fence to make me so deliriously happy??  I have a private spot in my back yard now.

There was a fence here.  It was a lattice fence that kept the deer out but the sizeable side yard was in plain view of the street.  A 6 foot fence runs between my yard and the neighbour next door and this lattice fence is 24 feet from property line to house.  It wasn't terribly expensive to buy fence boards to create a stockade fence by simply attaching the boards to the outside of the existing structure.

How to Add Castors to Furniture

Here's a project I've wanted done FOREVER! When I moved this vintage writing table into my bedroom, I realized that the drawer trim made it impossible for me to sit at the table with my legs underneath. The drawer was too close to the seat of the chair. I searched around for some ideas on how to lengthen the legs and settled on castors.  I  wanted the same old fashioned castors that were on my antique dresser - but where to find them at a price that was affordable? DW Lawless Hardware of course!

I got these gorgeous vintage look wood castors that were the perfect addition to this table.  Here's the step-by-step guide to how to add castors to a piece of furniture.

How to Build a Potting Bench Part II - Add a Roof

Last summer I built a potting bench.  I shared the step by step details HERE.  I wanted a roof over it and had planned to build something rather substantial but, as usual, I had tried to cram too many projects into my very short summertime window of opportunity for building...  This is what I came up with:
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